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Want to Donate online but don't attend Mariners Church?  

First off, thank you for believing in what we do enough to support us.  For receipting purposes, all online donations must be matched to an account in myMCC.  Please create one.  Should you begin to attend the church at some point we will change the status of your account to make all the features available.

Interested in online giving but have questions?  Click here.

If you have not logged in to myMCC before, then select the "Need An Account?" option in the lower right corner.  You will receive an email with a security code (new Password) from Pulse or Elexio.  Once logged in you can change the password at the bottom of your profile page.  

Some have had issues with the temporary password being accepted as valid.  Tech Support has suggested the following steps to minimize problems:

1. Make sure the user copies and pastes the password
2. Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the password

If you receive ANY error messages after putting in your new password, please contact Len right away to resolve it.