At Mariners, we desire to see people connecting with the God who loves them, growing to be more like who God made them to be and serving the world the way Jesus did. That's why we desire every person to be in a LifeGroup. LifeGroups are the primary vehicles through which sustained transformation to be more like Jesus in and among the world happens: knowing culture, loving people, and seeing lives transformed for Jesus through authentic relationships.

Why Join A LifeGroup?

The most common reasons people join LifeGroups are:

  • It's a great way to really get to know people and experience authentic, caring relationships
  • It's a good way to meet social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs
  • LifeGroups provide the best environment for the life change that God intends for every person -

    Jesus modeled LifeGroups
    "He appointed twelve ....that they might be with him" Mark 3:14

    The bible teaches LifeGroups
    "Everyday they continued to meet together. ...they broke bread in their homes...praising God..."
    Acts 2:46-47

Ways You Can Connect

  • You can contact the LifeGroup Pastor
  • You can start your own group. Sometimes the best group for you is the group you start.  Grab a few of your friends who want to join you on a journey to discuss God's Word and we will resource and coach you for success!
  • Check out our available groups below or by logging into myMCC and clicking the "My Groups" tab.  There is a "Find a Group" button there.  When you find what you are looking for, contact the the Connections Pastor.  If you don't see anything that fits your needs, connect with us to see how we can create the right group for you.
  • You can be invited. Most LifeGroups are open and you may be invited to join and become a vital part of the life of the group.
  • You can participate in a Discovery or Seminar class and form a group from fellow participants. LifeGroups may form out of our Discovery or Seminar classes for those interested in intentional spiritual growth and discipleship in a small group setting.